Andreas C Evangelou

For the past 20 years boxing and working with youth have been great passions of mine. Whilst competing as a professional boxer I was fortunate enough to train with some of the best coaches around the world, including Jesse Reid, Freddie Roach, Don Charles and Paulo Muhongo. Each of them had something different to offer and helped mould me into the athlete I was and coach I am today. I also have 15 years’ experience managing a school provision in Enfield supporting students with their emotional wellbeing using sports and fitness programs to target specific areas such as building self-esteem, control anger, increase confidence, discipline plus lots more.


  • International professional boxing Light-Heavyweight Champion
  • Youth sports development director
  • Level 1 Sports Nutrition
  • Level 1 ABA Boxing Coach

Consistency is the key for change. Sometimes we all need a little helping hand, to become a better version of ourselves than we were yesterday.

// The Fit Factory

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